Photograph by Susanne Ure as part of Summer Shoots 2017

Photograph by Susanne Ure as part of Summer Shoots 2017


Let your camera be your passport to a wonderful summer of exploration and discovery! Let us introduce you to destinations that you can re-visit often, and will inspire you and your photography for years to come.

Summer Shoots is a series of 9 half-day and full-day photo expeditions (with one optional weekend), offered weekly, between May and August 2018, featuring a range of locations, events, times of the day, and providing the opportunity to photograph landscape, nature and wildlife, people, events and ceremonies. 

In addition, there will be dedicated sessions for mid-program image-review, critique and skill development built into the schedule. The full program will include 13 sessions. 

The Summer Shoots program is for those who want to improve and refine their ability to see the world through a photographer’s eyes, with regular practice, mentoring and feedback, exposure to new principles, techniques and approaches, challenges, and the camaraderie of people who are just as passionate about photography, and share a commitment to getting better. 

Each session will include: location-shooting; an assignment to build skills in composition (ie. framing, subject placement, negative space, and motion); advice on how to refine your handling of exposure; encouragement to experiment with creative techniques; and instruction on the requirements of a specific genres (landscape, still life, night and low-light, astrophotography, action, nature and wildlife).

We will strive to make beautiful pictures as well as capture beautiful subjects, tell compelling visual stories, and capture and express energy and emotion in the work.

Participant photographers will be asked to share two assignment images from each shoot, weekly, online, for instructor and group feedback. A private Facebook group page will be made available for participants for this purpose. 

 Photograph by Susanne Ure as part of Summer Shoots 2017

Photograph by Susanne Ure as part of Summer Shoots 2017

 Photograph by Susanne Ure as part of Summer Shoots 2017

Photograph by Susanne Ure as part of Summer Shoots 2017

Shooting Schedule*

Sunday May 13th:  Intro Session at SPAO (1:30pm-4:30pm, 54 Norman St.)
Sunday May 20th:  Early Morning Shoot at the Tulip Festival, Dow’s Lake (1/2 day)
Sunday May 27th: Hike along the Trans Canada Trail to the Thomas Carbide Willson Ruins (1/2 day)
Sunday June 3rd: Omega Park/Chutes Plaisance (3/4 day)
Sunday June 10th: Image Review and Critique at SPAO
Saturday June 16th: Lennox Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area: Astrophotographers Assemble (3/4 day)
Sunday June 24th: Summer Solstice Pow Wow, Vincent Massey Park, Ottawa (1/2 day)
Sunday July 8th: Up the Ottawa Valley. Abandoned villages and buildings of the Early Pioneers (Full day)
Sunday July 15th: Image Review and Critique at SPAO (1/2 day)
Saturday and Sunday, July 22nd-23rd: Tour of Prince Edward County (2 days)
Friday or Saturday, August 3rd or 4th: Lennon Addington Dark Sky Viewing Area – The Milky Way Stargazing Tour (3/4 day)
Saturday August 11th: Casino Lac-Leamy Sound of Lights Fireworks Competition (1/2 day)
Sunday August 12th: Final wrap-up and slideshow at SPAO (1/2 day)

*The schedule may be adjusted to accommodate cancellation of events or restriction of access to destinations. In the event that a location becomes unavailable for shooting, or there is a change in an event schedule, an alternative shooting location will be offered. The final schedule will be provided at the time of the first introduction session. Outings scheduled on Friday evenings or Saturdays are only available on those days.

The Astrophotography sessions at the Dark Sky Viewing Area require a clear night with no clouds, moon or haze to photograph. If the conditions are not suitable, alternative shoots will be scheduled.

Requirements: This is a program for photographers at the intermediate or advanced level who have a high degree of comfort with manual shooting, post-production, and the use of a DSLR with interchangeable lenses.  Participants will assume all responsibility for transportation to and from the shooting locations, accommodation bookings (for Prince Edward County), in addition to the payment of entrance fees where required.

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MAY 13 - AUGUST 12, 2018
May 13, 20, 27, June 3, 10, 16, 24, July 8, 15, 22, 23, August 3 or 4, 11, 12
4 classroom sessions, 9 location shoots

class has begun! contact if you have questions.