photograph by instructor David Barbour

photograph by instructor David Barbour


STREET WORK: MONTREAL will encourage students to concentrate on improving their seeing and the recognition of potential in any given subject. Students will be introduced to the simplicity of using one lens, where pre-visualization of one's subject and their surroundings becomes a faster response. A wide range of issues of photographing people in an uncontrolled environment will be discussed, including ethics and the law. Beyond photographing people on the street, the photographing of urban landscapes both in the day and night will be included in the class.

This excursion will highlight how new destinations challenge and motivate street photographers. We will photograph along Saint Catherine through China Town to the Old Port. As students photograph, the instructor will view their photographs and give helpful suggestions in their search.

The work of Henri-Cartier Bresson motivated David Barbour to become a street and travel photographer. Highlights to his career include a World Press Award for a photograph he took in Egypt and a Mid-Career Canada Council Grant to continue his work in Havana, Cuba. Please visit his website to view his work. 

Transportation to and accommodation in Montréal is not included in the cost of the course; students will be encouraged to share rides to Montréal but may also find their own way into the city via bus, train or car. Train is recommended due to construction in the city. Students are responsible to find their own accommodation on Friday and Saturday night.

Students and the instructor will meet in Montréal at noon on Friday, August 23, and spend the afternoon and evening shooting in the city.

On Saturday August 24th, we will meet and spend the entire day photographing in three different locations. Each student will look for that engaging moment of daily life but will also find interesting backgrounds where chosen compositional elements are all important to street portraits. We will meet for supper and share the stories of the day, before going out and completing urban night landscapes.

On Sunday, August 25th the day begins at 10 am and we will highlight urban landscape photography in the downtown core and then move on to Mont Royal park for the afternoon. At 5pm we will part ways to return to Ottawa.

On Friday, August 30th from 6-9pm we will meet at SPAO for an open critique of 15 photographs that each student has produced over the weekend. Here we will get very specific in recognizing the elements that make relevant street photographs work. In total, it will be a weekend exercise that will challenge participants to become more comfortable in recognizing the range of urban subjects that will produce great photographs, be it a personal geographic series or a travel assignment.

Prerequisite: None

Requirements: any type of camera: digital, film, point-and-shoot, smartphone, SLR, 4x5, or whatever you can use to make an 8x10 print (or larger). However, having a camera you can use to adjust shutter speed and aperture will give you more creative options. 

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AUGUST 23 - 25, 30, 2019
August 23, 24, 25, 30
4 DAYS - approx. 24 HOURS