REDWALL GALLERY Exhibitions: 2005–2012



ON VIEW November 16 to December 20, 2012

In 2002 David Barbour set out into cold Ottawa winter nights with the objective of transforming the familiar urban setting of his home city into an evocative landscape photograph. He chose to work with a 4x5 field camera and 6x12 roll film back in order to produce panoramic urban landscapes.

"Making photographs with a 4x5 on a cold winter night is slow", Barbour says. "On most nights only one or two images are made before the equipment begins to freeze. Most exposures range from 1-3 minutes in length." More recently David used a Linhof 612 panorama camera which is more comfortable to use as he pursues his night-time survey. David uses Tri X film and produces fiber prints on Ilford Warm Tone paper.

LOCUS is a study of the ideas of home, memory, and landscape, and includes photographs of locations from across the country. In LOCUS Barbour hopes to share the quiet of the photographic moment and the beauty that can be found in the everyday when one chooses to look for it.

Highlights to David's career include a World Press Award and a Mid-Career Canada Council Grant in 1999 to continue his work in Havana. He has balanced personal projects and freelance contracts throughout his career, and he continues to explore life on the street. Barbour teaches regularly at SPAO.



Photographs by Andrzej Maciejewski
In conjunction with Festival X


Weather Report features 36 photographs of the same place.

Andrzej Maciejewski made several photographs over the period of one year, near the little hamlet of Moscow, in Eastern Ontario.

The photographs were captured in a 6 ft x 6ft x 10ft walk-in room - a camera obscura - that Maciejewski built specifically for this project. The artist captured the light transferred through an aperture installed on the roof with a 4x5 lens, on 8x10 colour transparencies. The result is a series of 24 x 30 prints that record temporal and seasonal changes from a fixed vantage point.

Maciejewski's work is touring internationally, and is collected in the McCord Museum of Canadian History, the National Gallery of Canada, and in many private collections.

Maciejewski's work can be seen online


Greg Zenha: i said house not home

Vernissage: Friday June 8th, 18:00 - 21:00
On View
: June 8th - August 5th, 2012

i said house not home is a collection of photographic images by Greg Zenha and two films by Zenha in collaboration with Jeremy Shantz.

Greg Zenha is a photo-based artist working primarily with large format cameras, bridging traditional as well digital printmaking practice. His work investigates conceptual realism through the lens of personal experience.

In this work Zenha explores the emotional space inhabited by a man trapped in the wake of past events. The series stresses the effect without representing the cause. Humility, humiliation, self-punishment, and endless self-analysis intersect and conspire against the experience of the present.



On view: March 16th - April 2nd, 2012

13 - 18, a series of photographs by Olivia Johnston, is a unique and penetrating look into the world of teenaged boys. This is the second exhibition of the 2012 Solo Series in the Red Wall Gallery.

 Johnston uses studio portraiture as a way to explore societal, gender, and developmental issues. Her second year at SPAO involved an in-depth project photographing and interviewing women who had survived eating disorders. This series juxtaposed beautiful images of strong women with stories of their harrowing experiences. Her portraits pose questions for the viewer, the subject, and the photographer herself. Her continuing and keen curiosity about unexamined segments of human society has led her to photograph teenaged boys and their bedrooms, exploring the question:

"When and where are boys permitted to be vulnerable?""Boys have always been a mystery to me, a different species entirely," says Johnston.

By Hand

On View February 17th - March 12th, 2012

By Hand, a series of photographs by Caroline Tallmadge, is a study in macro photography of the stunning miniature world of the objects of the trades. This is the first exhibition of the 2012 Solo Series in the Red Wall Gallery.

The intersection of people with cultures has always fascinated Tallmadge. A project documenting Mexican migrant farm workers emerged from her first year at SPAO, while her second year involved a more prolonged photographic study of the Amish culture of northern New York State. These explorations have led Tallmadge to her most recent series: photographing materials, tools, and hand made objects at close range to explore the relationship that a manual worker has with his or her materials and tools.

"Using a bellows on a medium format camera, I photographed materials, tools and handmade products at very close range. I discovered the texture of brown paper as it is used to make patterns in a dressmaker's studio. I saw the beautiful complexity of the inner workings of mechanical clocks in the jewelry and clock repair shop. I grew able to identify the grades of coarseness of Russian horsehair used in making bows for stringed instruments. I captured the visual, viscous glory of glue as it is used by a bookbinder."

With her use of macro photography, Tallmadge creates extraordinary images of ordinary objects; from the dressmaker's pins to the miniature gears of a clock repair shop, these images create an intimate and unexpected portrait of the everyday objects of the manual worker.



On view January 13th - February 6th, 2012

The collection of Pedro Isztin's photographs that make up Study of Structure and Form explore shape in the natural world, and the influence of humankind on its configurations.

Isztin has chosen subjects from around the globe that represent a wide range of environments. Starting in the Arctic at Lake Talvatis, Sweden, his diverse series also contains images from quarries in Quebec, Canada, and the coast of Spain.

Isztin believes that "Both our nature and the spirit of the natural world is revealed by form". This series of images is both contemplative and intimate in its approach to the land. The works contain carefully balanced combinations of elements that come together to create serene portraits of place.

"Whether natural or man-made," says Isztin, "I am fascinated with order in my environment, seeking places of contemplation in the world around me. In photographing these unique places, I discovered that it is through attentive and patient study of shape, design, and structure that the spirit of our natural world and its inhabitants is revealed."



The farm family project

Rob Macinnis

On view Nov. 18th, 2011 - Dec. 17th

In The Farm Family Project, photo-based artist Rob Macinnis employs animals as portrait subjects in what began as an examination of fashion photography and the balance of power between humans and animals.

The faces of sheep, pigs, and other barnyard beasts gaze out from his large colour prints created in a variety of formats over a five-year period. They appear by turns sentient, expressive and humbled, inciting a host of reactions in the viewer including compassion and empathy that cross the species barrier.

From its beginnings, drawing parallels between the consumption of animals and the fashion world's consumption of the body, The Farm Family Project has evolved into a broader critique of photography's role in society that finds expression through the use of many different photographic genres.

Currently a resident of Providence Rhode Island, Macinnis has received numerous grants, awards and honours, and has published and shown work internationally. He will be present in the Red Wall Gallery for an artist's talk Friday November 25th, 2011, 19:00.



Artist John Hewett Hallum
On view September 23rd, 2011 to October 29th, 2011

Photographer John Hewett Hallum catches a peripheral view of the Mexican paysage.

Having lived in Mexico for many years and returning to Ottawa in 2008, Hewett Hallum travels often to Mexico to revisit friends and cities and explore new places. He has created several bodies of work depicting the culture, people and daily life of this vibrant country.

The colourful sometimes abstract images that make up Moment(o) are a departure for the artist. Hewett Hallum has abandoned precise documentation to convey his feelings about passing through this landscape he loves. His approach to these fleeting glances of Oaxaca, Querétaro, and Puebla is impressionist. His depictions of the landscape are in the moment, showing shifting light effects and including movement and odd visual angles.

The exhibition's title Moment(o), (which in Spanish means a very brief period of time), describes the essence of its photographs. They are brief moments captured during many hours of travel and depicting time and glances at what 'passes by' or perhaps more accurately, what we pass by.



SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2011, 6-9PM

September 9th to September 19th, 2011

A+4 is The School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa's fourth annual contest and exhibition of selected images from our part-time students, past and present.

On view is a collection of selected photographs in the two categories:
• Silver Gelatin/Alternative Process
• Digital Imagery

Join us at the vernissage and vote for the People's Choice Award.



Leslie Hossack

August 5th - September 2nd, 2011

Photographer Leslie Hossack explores three iconic cities and three interrelated themes in this collection of images of Berlin, Jerusalem and Masada.

Having completed photographic studies of urban change and continuity in Paris in 2009, and National Socialist architecture in Berlin in 2010, Hossack felt compelled to travel to Israel in May 2011. Her photographic study of Nazi architecture in Berlin was a springboard to the current body of work, which looks at life today in Israel's charged landscape.

Historically, both Berlin and Jerusalem have been referred to as "cities of stone" and Hossack's scope also encompasses a third city of stone, the ancient hilltop fortress of Masada. Through the works in Cities of Stone - People of Dust she considers the architecture of memory and commemoration, the theme of loss, longing and lamentation, and the question of inclusion and exclusion.

"...I do hope that Cities of Stone - People of Dust will raise awareness and pose questions. The question that kept running through my mind as I explored historic Berlin and modern Israel was: At what cost?"



Joseph Jeremie Roy
June 10th - July 23rd, 2011

Photo-based artist Joseph Jeremie Roy continues his exploration of memory, memento mori, and the narrative possibilities of the constructed image in this new collection of unique photographic objects. 

The works in Fish Permutations tell stories, make political statements, elicit questions, suggest answers, and just as often, invite smiles of ridicule and doubt. The fish is the recurrent motif threading its way through the collection of platinum and palladium and gelatin silver contact prints. Roy's works express the themes of resurrection and mortality from the twin perspectives of content and production, while their size from ultra large to extra small shows the artist's struggle with the implications of scale and presentation in contemporary photographic practice.

Roy has evolved his modus operandi to include input on every part of the photographic process from production to presentation. He has used only light and chemical photographic processes to capture and produce images with large format film, ultra large paper negatives, and handmade ultra large format glass plate negatives. Some of the first images from the Mola, an ultra large format camera hand-built by the artist, are included in this exhibition.



 Michelle Wilson
March 11th - April 9th, 2011

Traveling photo-based artist Michelle Wilson explores personal narratives through images found abroad in this collection of new works sent from Taiwan.

See Yourself When All is New is a mix of large iconic images of often-unseen monuments, deceptively pastoral seeming landscapes and intimately scaled diptychs that tell a quieter more personal parallel narrative. All of these elements come together in an intersection of historical, personal and public stories.

Wilson, has to this point, been a compulsive constructor of every element of her images. Traveling has made it imperative for her to embrace a new mode of picture making and to photograph and ultimately find herself in what she came upon in her travels.

These colour photographs made in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan and the Philippines have a resonance which is uniquely Wilson's. A testament to the theory that when artists work with honesty, any image making is in the end a form of self-portrait.



 Karina Kraenzle
February 4th - 28th, 2011

Fold, Spindle, Mutilate assembles in the Red Wall Gallery for the first time, photographic images from three related bodies of work by Karina Kraenzle. 

Part photography, part sculpture, and part collage, these works use advertising as their source material. The techniques employed, a scanner for some images, and a scalpel for others, operate at both physical and metaphorical levels to underline the powerful qualities of propaganda inherent in the carefully constructed image of "female".

The collection spans three years of production beginning in 2008 and shows Kraenzle's formal and conceptual evolution of this line of inquiry. Each successive body of work conveys a different aspect of the artist's critique of the relentless use and manipulation of images of women in popular culture and its ensuing psychic cost.



Friday, September 24th to Tuesday, October 26th 2010
David Barbour
John Hewett Hallum
Karina Kraenzle
Rob Macinnis
Angelina McCormick
Vincent Meurin
Marie-Jeanne Musiol
Ruth Patzelt
Joseph Jeremie Roy
Michael Schreier
Guillaume Simoneau
Jennifer Stewart
Sarai Strikefoot
Michael Tardioli

The collection of images that make up Singular will explore Festival X's In/Out theme from the point of view of the creative process of the photo-based artist. Every artist makes crucial decisions at many points in their process that could be reduced to a question of inclusion versus exclusion. The placement of the frame when composing an image, and the selection of images to be presented as a series would be just two simple examples of the many revealed, explained and discussed by this group of fascinating photographic artists.



SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2010, 6-9PM.

A+3 is The School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa's third annual contest and exhibition of selected images from our part-time students, past and present.

On view is a collection of selected photographs in the two categories:

• Silver Gelatin/Alternative Process

• Digital Imagery

Join us at the vernissage and vote for the People's Choice Award.



Angelina McCormick

June 18th - August 28th, 2010

Secret Garden by Angelina McCormick is, on the surface, a collection of flower photographs spanning 5 years of obsessive imaging of dying and artificial flora. Assembled for the first time in the Red Wall Gallery, the resulting array of images is much more than a botanical collection. 

This exhibition reveals how McCormick's practice has evolved over time. The formal elements of her photographs have changed with each collection; passing through several film formats, camera types and production approaches to the most recent iconic 8” X 10” shot, large, clean images.

More significantly, the expressive content of her work has also evolved. Each successive grouping, although always of either real or artificial flora, conveys a different aspect of the artist's search for self. 

Early work tackles aging, sickness and also death as transformation. Images of this ultimate of changes from life to death are made by someone who describes herself as “ruined and living in both worlds”, and pose important questions about our perceptions of both states of being. McCormick's Holga series is playful and made with deliberate misdirection. These photos of fake flowers cloak gallows humour in a seductive surface of candy colours and soft edges. The most recent works become larger and more iconic. Crisp and bright, they induce awe sometimes at odds with their unpretentious look at human relationships, personalities and archetypes.




Matthew Higgins

 March 19th - March 30th, 2010

The Block by Matthew Higgins, documents in chilling detail, weapons made by the inmates of Kingston Penitentiary.

Born of a fascination with prison life, this scanographic collection takes a look into the darkest corner of life behind bars. Through access to Kingston Pen's evidence room, Higgins has documented the knives, pipe bombs, zip guns, and shivs made by convicts in all their alarming and fascinating detail. Many of these weapons have remarkable stories and as a group tell a tale of determination, desperation, violence and chilling creativity.




Magida El-Kassis
March 5th - March 16th, 2010

An exhibition of a photographic typology documenting people of "pure bred" ethnicity in order to preserve the lineage and identity of humankind.

El-Kassis explores a personal perspective into the definition of lineage through these images. She envisions these photographs serving as proof for future generations of the existence of pure indigenous ethnic groups. As populations become more integrated, an aspect of identity becomes unrecognizable, so she has begun this typology in order to help preserve the ancestry and identity of humankind




Wesley Kirschner
February 12th - February 23rd, 2010

The dresses fabricated by Wesley Kirschner are born out of her imagination. She works with glass, newsprint, and piano wire to build an art piece to be photographed. By placing each dress in context, she allows the viewer to momentarily forget about the fashion and creates a setting and image that could be an editorial page in any fashion magazine. It is through this vision and imagination that she creates a visual metaphor for the fashion industry.




Alli Asudeh
January 29th - February 9th, 2010

Fragments by Alli Asudeh is a polaroid collection that explores the unspoken beauty in her everyday surroundings.

These photographs are the fragments of Alli Asudeh's everyday life.

She finds serenity by viewing life through a camera lens. Intrigued by the ordinary, she explores her surroundings showing her audience the beauty of simplicity by using the medium of Polaroid to capture the bits and pieces that shape and form her life. These static images are tangible evidence that now become part of her memory.



October 2nd to October 9th, 2009

Red Wall Gallery - School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa, 168 Dalhousie Street at Bruyère
National Capital Infocentre
90 Wellington Street at Metcalfe

For Architecture Week (October 2nd-9th, 2009) instructors, alumni and students of the SPAO Portfolio Program will present a juried selection of architectural photographs examining Ottawa's urban fabric.

Architecture has been a favourite subject of School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO) creators since its founding in 2005. This year, SPAO has been invited to participate in the Ottawa Regional Society of Architects' (ORSA) Architecture Week, from October 2nd to October 9th, 2009.

Photography has been described as “Building with light”. The two-part exhibition presented by SPAO entitled Imaging the Urban Fabric, is a celebration of the visual kinship between architecture and photography that has existed since photography's invention.

Students, instructors and alumni of the SPAO Portfolio Program have submitted their best architectural photographs on the theme “Ottawa, the Urban Fabric” to be juried. Selected works in a variety of photo media will be on view in SPAO's Red Wall Gallery and/or displayed in the NCC Infocentre during Architecture Week.



A++ is The School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa's second annual contest and exhibition of selected images from our part-time students, past and present. 

On view is a collection of selected photographs in the two categories:

Digital Imagery and Silver Gelatin/Alternative Processes.

On view from September 18th to September 30th, 2009.



June 12th - September 12th 2009

Contemporary photo-based artists explore the portrait as representation in this celebratory group exhibition. Red Wall Gallery is proud to present Likeness as a stop on the Karsh Trail.

Exhibiting Artists
Andrew Balfour, David Barbour, Matthew Carrington, Brandon Clarida, John Conway, Joël Côté-Cright, Clive Cretney, Magida El-Kassis, Tony Fouhse, Jon Hobin, Ian James Hopkins, Rob Hughes, Pedro Isztin, Joy Kardish, Maggie Knaus, Karina Kraenzle, Aislinn Leggett, Martin Lipman, Kimberly Malysheff, Angelina McCormick, Amanda Meehan, Rozemarijn Oudejans, Erin Riley, Joseph Jeremie Roy, Michael Schreier, Sarai Strikefoot, Michael Tardioli, Genevieve Thauvette, Michelle Wilson, Greg Zenha



Sarai Strikefoot
March 6th to March 23rd

Sarai Strikefoot exhibits a series of colour portraits of people with a special presence in Ottawa's arts community. She has transformed her images using the symbolism of early Orthodox paintings and icons to create depictions of modern icons. The sitters' traits are revealed by visual cues like eye and head size, direction of gaze and the colour of clothing, varying with their individual contributions to the arts scene in our city.



Sarah Fisher
February 6th to March 2nd

Photographer Sarah Fisher gives insight into collecting, through images of many similar objects. Throughout this exhibition the ideas and questions posed are from the artist's self-reflection and questioning of her own deficit throughout the years. These visuals represent a reflection of personal separation from things worth keeping and a curiosity in the people who can't be satisfied with one item, but must have many similar ones. Her interest is not in accumulating physical items but in documenting this need in others.




Artist: Sarah Schorlemer

Date: January 16th to February 2nd

Vernissage: Friday, January 16th 2009, 17:00-20:00

A black and white photographic exhibition creating a safe space to visually interact with sex toys.

Rarely seen as something to keep on your mantle, sex toys often live most of their lives in hiding. Trying to change how these objects are portrayed, photographer Sarah Schorlemer takes on the challenge of creating a safe space to visually interact with these toys. In tones of grey the viewer can see these playful aids for the good that they do and not just the dirty little secret to keep from your mother. 

The Red Wall Gallery is located in SPAO at 168 Dalhousie, at the corner of Bruyère, in the Byward Market.



Vernissage: Friday, Sept. 19th 2008, 17:00-21:00
On view: Friday, September 19th to Monday, November 3rd 2008

Viewing Hours During Festival X (Sept.18-28): 
Mon-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-16:00
Regular Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-15:00, Sun and late evenings by appointment or chance.

An exhibition of works exploring turning points in the artistic practices of twelve photographic artists.

In the context of the photographic medium at its own crossroads, the 
theme for Festival X: “The Decisive Moment” is reinterpreted in Watershed through the work of twelve established photographic artists. Contributors 
to this eclectic group show have been asked to select a work that they feel was a turning point in their practice, and to select or create a new work that is in dialogue with this decisive career moment. This exhibition, seeking greater understanding of the creative process, looks beyond the capture of the individual image, to examine the artistic watershed.


david barbour: havana

Friday, August 29th to Monday, September 15th 2008

Photographic moments in the life of a city that express humanity and the fragility of life. 

David Barbour was inspired by the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson to be a travel photographer. Barbour has balanced photographic assignments and personal projects, traveling to over 35 countries over the span of his career and to Cuba 13 times.




Contest Judging Tuesday, July 15th, 2008, 02:00-17:00
Vernissage Friday, August 1st, 2008, 18:00-21:00 
(Awards Ceremony 18:00-18:30)

On view from August 1st to August 15th, 2008

Monday-Friday, 11:00-18:00, Saturday, 10:00-15:00, Sundays and late evenings by appointment or by chance.

The first annual exhibition showcasing the talents of SPAO's part-time students, past and present. A+ is a collection of selected photographs in the categories of Silver Gelatin, Digital Imagery and Alternative Processes, the winning works of SPAO's A+ Photography contest.

Submissions in each of the three categories will be judged according to three criteria: composition, technical ability and artistic merit. Selections will be made for First Place in each category, Second Place in the Digital Imagery and Silver Gelatin categories and Honourable Mentions. The top 20 images will be displayed on the Red Wall.



Vernissage Friday, June 20th, 2008, 17:00-20:00

On view from June 20th to July 8th, 2008

Monday-Friday, 11:00-18:00, Saturday, 10:00-15:00, Sundays and late evenings by appointment or by chance.

A startling collection of photographs inspired by fashion's Christian Lacroix and produced for the French Embassy's juried competition Concours Lacroix.

Artists: Jõel Côté Cright, Magida El-Kassis, Gaylen Eyre, Wesley Kirschner, Sarah Kirwan, Carrie Mackay, Liz Nolan, Geoffrey Organ, Sarah Schorlemer, Sarai Strikefoot, Michelle Wilson, Greg Zenha



Vernissage Friday May 16th, 2008 15:00-21:00

On view from May 16th to June 9th, 2008

Monday-Friday, 11:00-18:00, Saturday, 10:00-15:00, Sundays and late evenings by appointment or by chance.

A collection of photo-based works that have been captured by toy cameras. It will celebrate, and explore their capabilities and eccentricities as image capturing tools, and their effects upon the vision of their users.

Artists: Lora Jude Dewolfe, Paul Elter, Rob Hughes, Karina Kraenzle, Angelina McCormick, Jeremie Roy, Tom Thompson



Vernissage Friday, May 2nd, 2008, 17:00-20:00 
On view from May 2nd to May 13th, 2008

Monday-Friday, 11:00-18:00, Saturday, 10:00-15:00, Sundays and late evenings by appointment or by chance.

SPAO Summer workshop instructors Louis Helbig and Ric Frazier present a stunning array of aerial and underwater photographs. Their unique photographic viewpoints challenge common perspectives of the world 
around us, while inviting exploration and refreshing vision.



Vernissage February 15th, 2008, 18:00-21:00Point of Sale is an exhibition of photographic works, which merge art and retail strategies. Graphic designer Valérie Yobé of Cheekita has lead the SPAO Portfolio Program's Level 2 students in a project for commercial clients Magpie Jewellery and Paper Papier. The resulting works are metaphors for the mercantile experience. They pose and respond to questions and issues with visual symbols and new icons, while promoting, destabilizing, engaging and bringing the client to a new level of visual communication.

Exhibiting Artists: Lora Jude Dewolfe, Sarah Fisher, James French, Ian James Hopkins, Justin Kean, Sarah Kirwan, Geoffrey Organ, Nathalia Pacheco, Sarah Schorlemer, Sarai Strikefoot, Michelle Wilson, Greg Zenha

Silent auction night of the vernissage

Magpie Jewelry
Paper Papier



Wojciech K. Jakobiec's monochromatic photographic work comes from a solid European tradition of humanism. He is a traveller that has captured, exhibited and published his work on three continents. Jakobiec has an interest in what humanity is capable of creating rather than what it can destroy, and he synthesizes this diverse subject matter from around the world into his own minimalist and carefully framed aesthetic.

Exhibiting Artists: Wojciech K. Jakobiec
On view: November 30th - December 14th, 2007
Monday-Thursday, 11:00-18:00
Friday, 11:00-18:00
Saturday, 10:00-15:00
Sundays and late evenings by appointment or by chance.




Vernissage: Friday October 19th, 2007, 18:00-21:00

Saskatchewan has been called the great lone land, and the middle of nowhere. New Saskatchewan Topographics is much more than just a collection of photographs of the land and sky and light of this prairie province. John Conway captures the enduring minimal beauty of its expanses in juxtaposition with the marks of its inhabitants in a love letter to the prairie and its people.

Exhibiting Artist: John Conway

On view: October 19th - November 6th, 2007 
Monday-Thursday, 11:00-18:00
Friday, 11:00-18:00
Saturday, 10:00-15:00
Sundays and late evenings by appointment or by chance.




Vernissage: Friday September 21, 2007, 18:00-21:00

FEMALE brings together eight women of varying ages, at different points in their lives, and at different stages in their artistic practices. How does this XX factor link them together? What are the disparities between their individual visions? When they all turn their thoughts and their lenses upon that sex characteristic that links them together, what then do they see and choose to exhibit as FEMALE?

Exhibiting Artists: Lynne Anderson, Izabel Barsive, Maggie Knaus, Karina Kraenzle, Annelise Lallemand, Doris Lamontagne, Angelina McCormick, Michelle Wilson

On view: Thursday September 20 - Tuesday October 16, 2007.



Vernissage Friday, May 18th. 17:00 - 20:00

The exhibit PUJA features images of devotion and celebration, from religious festivals to daily acts of personal reverence. Photographed by Daniel Lohnes over a 5-month period in India, this intimate selection of images journeys from Nepal to ancient Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges.

On view from Friday May 18th, 2007 to Tuesday, June 12th, 2007:
11:00-18:00, Monday-Thursday
11:00-17:00, Friday
10:00- 15:00, Saturday
Monday-Thursday evenings available by appointment and/or chance.
Closed Sundays




Vernissage Friday, March 23rd. 17:00-20:00

With "Missed and Dismissed", photographer Daniel Marchand presents rural and urban landscapes showing what we often overlook in our environment.

On view from Friday March 23rd, 2007 to Thursday, April 5th, 2007.




Vernissage Friday, February 23rd. 17:00-20:00

Degenerative disease is all around us. It affects the lives of thousands of people. People who pass us on the street or work at the local market or sit next to us at the theatre. What often sets them apart from those who are afflicted by other diseases is that you can't tell that they are suffering from anything. They appear on the outside to be as healthy as the average individual, when in reality they suffer daily living a life that is slowly changing them against their will.

On view from Friday February 23rd, 2007 to Friday, March 9th, 2007.




Vernissage Friday, February 9th. 17:00-20:00

ENVIRONMENT - is the space that surrounds us; the objects - living and non-living - that fill that space. All things that we see, touch, and smell are part of our environment. Some of these things we pay more attention to than others, at times becoming obsessed with them. One of my obsessions within my environment is old architecture. Iam fascinated by old wood and stone, by the stories that lie in their history, and by the stories that I create on my own, true or not. I can spend my days staring in awe at the design of a window; the many shades of a brick; the texture of a wooden door. Iam captivated by the stories deterioration tells. This captivation has led me to the photographing of architecture time and again. These ten pieces are some of my recent architectural work.

On view from Friday February 9th 2007 to Wednesday February 21st, 2007.




Vernissage Friday, February 9th. 17:00-20:00

As a collection, "Stage two" marks the second phase in portraiture for emerging photographer Annelise Lallemand. This black and white series exposes the inner personalities of the men being photographed while the photographer herself explores the fact that she is attracted to each of her subjects on a certain level. Whether or not the subject is looking directly into her lens is of no importance, for the connection between photographer and subject is intense and undeniable.

On view from Friday January 26th 2007 to Tuesday February 6th, 2007.




Vernissage: Friday January 12th, 2007, 17:00-20:00

The End is a collection of photographs presented by emerging photographer Lynne Anderson that challenges the viewer to question their feelings about life and death and the beauty of both. The artist uses road kill to convey the violence and emotion of death, while presenting it in a way that is both beautiful and spiritual at the same time. Although graphic and shocking to look at, "The End" has a beauty that is hard to forget.

On view from Friday January 12th 2007 to Tuesday January 23rd 2007.



Vernissage: Friday December 1st, 2006. 17:00-20:00

On view from Friday December 1st, 2006 to Friday December 15th, 2006

11:00-18:00, Monday-Thursday
11:00-17:00, Friday
10:00-15:00, Saturday
Monday-Thursday evenings available by appointment and/or chance.
Closed Sundays




The School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa's Red Wall Gallery presents an eclectic collection of images created by ten of its teachers. The photographs displayed span a broad range of media and encompass a wide variety of approaches.

Vernissage: Friday October 13th, 2006 17:00-20:00
On view from Friday October 13th, 2006 to Wednesday November 8th, 2006
11:00-18:00, Monday-Thursday
11:00-17:00, Friday
10:00- 15:00, Saturday
Monday-Thursday evenings available by appointment and/or chance.
Closed Sundays 


circumstantial evidence

The School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa's Red Wall Gallery presents a collection of diptychs that explore causal relationship and meaningful associations. “Circumstantial Evidence” by Doris Lamontagne brings fascination to the unnoticed.

Vernissage: Friday September 15th, 2006, 17:00-20:00

On view from Friday September 15th, 2006 to Wednesday October 11th, 2006




The School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa's Red Wall Gallery presents "Lolaland 8", a collection of evocative nudes photographed in nature by: Andrew Balfour, Menno Spijker, Richard Tardif, and Len Ward, with the guidance of Pedro Isztin.

Vernissage: Friday August 25th, 2006. 17:00-20:00
On view from Friday August 25th, 2006 to Wednesday September 13th, 2006
11:00-18:00, Monday-Thursday
11:00-17:00, Friday
Saturdays and 18:00-21:00, Monday-Thursday by appointment.
Closed Sundays



The School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa's Red Wall Gallery presents 3+1, an exploration of the photographic landscape by Barbara Bolton, Abigail Gossage, Leslie Hossack, and Daniel Marchand.Vernissage: Friday July 14th, 2006, 17:00-20:00On view from Friday July 14th, 2006 to Saturday August 12th, 2006
11:00-17:00, Monday-Thursday
10:00-16:00, Friday
12:00-15:00, Saturday
18:00-21:00, Monday-Thursday by appointment.
Closed Sundays


Friday January 27, 2006

Are we our bodies, our possessions, our passions, our fears? 

Self - A Four Letter Word is a photographic journey of self-discovery and self-actualization by the artists of the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa.

Self - A Four Letter Word : Charlatan Review