Independent Projects and Planning is the first module in the 2nd year of the Photographic Arts and Production diploma program. Through intermediate studies in visual fine art theory, lighting, printmaking and history, students will build on the groundwork from their 1st year modules and enhance their visualizing for major portfolio and exhibition projects. Instructional emphasis is placed on mentoring students to find their own vision through individual exploration and creativity, conceptual development, and independent application of knowledge and skills.

Students will enhance their development, planning, and initiating of visual fine art projects under the guidance of instructors. Selected specific readings and presentations on historical and contemporary issues will help advance the individual student projects. PAP 210 readies students for major independent application in PAP 250 Portfolio and Exhibition: Production.

Readings: Occasional readings will be identified and assigned by instructors throughout the year.
Specific readings will vary to respond to an individual student’s thematic choices.