Projects and Presentations (aka, P&P) is a weekly session that brings together the entire student body of the Photographic Arts and Production diploma program. P&P is programmed as a two-year rotating curriculum, comprising four core components:

  1. Guest lectures by practicing fine art photographers, curators, gallerists, art editors, art critics, fine art collectors, and fine art academics
  2. Field trips to tour visual fine art artist studios, galleries, museum collections and archives, exhibitions, the premises of fine art printers, framers, and book binders, and fine art festivals (including a field trips to Le Mois de la Photo in Montreal and Toronto's Contact photography festival in alternating years)
  3. Film screenings, slide shows, and related visual fine art presentations in the local community and at the school
  4. Collaborative student community projects and student committee initiatives

Readings and Research: Occasionally articles or other readings and/or independent
library or Internet research may be requested by instructors or guests, on a case-by-case
basis, as necessary in preparation for a particular P&P session.