Photo by SPAO graduate Ruth Steinberg

Photo by SPAO graduate Ruth Steinberg

Portraiture has been a central aspect of photography since the invention of the medium and remains among the robust dimensions of visual art practice. Portraiture extends to a wide variety of artistic sub-categories including narrative and conceptual art.

This module introduces students to: planning and working with subjects; set design and studio organization; conceptualization and pre-visualization; camera, lens and film selection; retouching techniques; and increasingly complex lighting techniques. Central to this module will be learning how to communicate with, direct and photograph individuals, and exploring the human face and individual expression in an effective visual artistic manner.

Continued and progressive attention will be placed on seamlessly working between analogue and digital formats and on enhancing printmaking values. Students will produce and present a series of portraiture-based silver gelatin prints. The module concludes with a group critique of the student’s portraiture work.

Textbook: The Photograph, Graham Clarke (New York & Oxford), 1997.
Note: The textbook provided by the school is used for all 100 level modules.
It is subject to change if and when a more recent and//or appropriate textbook is published and available.