Photo by current SPAO diploma student Richard Robesco

Photo by current SPAO diploma student Richard Robesco

Module 3: Landscape empowers students to expand their field of artistic vision and begin to combine the basic visual fine art techniques and skills introduced in modules 1 and 2. Students will enhance their attention to the shaping of light and consider: subject size and composition; texture, form and pattern; foreground-background relationships; selective focus; point-of-view, perspective, and the camera’s relationship to its subject.

Central to this module are development of a seamless transition between analogue and digital visual fine art workflow and progression to elevated printmaking techniques. Students will explore dimensions and approaches to landscape fine art including the landscape tradition in the visual fine arts.

Increasing emphasis is placed on refining visual fine art artistic concepts and continuity and on presenting one’s work in effective visual, oral, and written forms. Students will produce and present a series of landscape-based silver gelatin prints. The module concludes with a group critique of the student’s landscape work.

Textbook: The Photograph, Graham Clarke (New York & Oxford), 1997.
Note: The textbook provided by the school is used for all 100 level modules.
It is subject to change if and when a more recent and//or appropriate textbook is published and available.