image by Abraham Pacheco

image by Abraham Pacheco

The Oaxaca Experience With John Hallum

JULY 20 - 27, 2019
Travel days: Saturday 20 July (to Mexico) & Sunday 28 July (from Mexico)

The Mexican city of Oaxaca, in the State of Oaxaca, still reflects its ancient pre-Hispanic roots in music, dance, costume and food. These traditions can be seen today when local groups perform folkloric dance accompanied by traditional music. The dancers dress in a variety of styles which are based on costumes derived from the past. The dances are celebrations of their history and many stories from the past.

A major festival known as The Guelaguetza occurs yearly in Oaxaca. It showcases dance troupes from various regions of the &state. They perform in competition in an open-air stadium on Cerro del Fortin (Fortin Hill) with the city and distant mountains as the background. Related festivities continue day and night throughout this historic city. There will be countless opportunities to capture the colour and atmosphere during this unique festival

The maxim of SPAO is Vision, Content and Craft. The Oaxaca Experience tour will offer opportunities to practice your craft and create images reflecting a personal vision via the content you choose to photograph. We will examine how to develop an aesthetic and artistic approach in the images you capture. Personal and group sessions with the instructor will assist you in developing content to reflect your vision.

The ultimate aim of this week of discovery will be to create a ‘Oaxaca Portfolio.’

The first two days will introduce you to various locations in the city centre. We will discuss the possibilities that can be explored with your camera at the dance performance and throughout the city. Day two is the afternoon performance of the Guelaguetza. A morning group session will offer ideas about photographing the festival. On day three a morning session will include a discussion about themes, content and style. You will choose a specific approach to capture an aspect of the city. The remaining sessions will be open for you to discover and capture images. Individual meetings with your instructor will be arranged to discuss your progress and offer suggestions. The final day will be devoted to discussions about your achievements in capturing a specific aesthetic and vision. You may choose to present your Oaxaca Portfolio to the group.

The principal focus of this photo tour is about capturing images and an awareness of photography as fine art. Activities will be concentrated within the major confines of the city. Individual and group discussions will assist you in making good choices which will enhance a personal aesthetic. There are many interesting places to visit in the city of Oaxaca and the surrounding area. This photo tour is not meant to be a tourist event however optional travel can be arranged for you to visit these locations.

Participants must be physically capable, comfortable with some physical exertion, and must be familiar with the camera that they are bringing. Participants must provide proof of travel insurance to SPAO admin and the instructor prior to departure.

JULY 20 - 27, 2019
TRAVEL DAYS: Saturday 20 July (to Mexico) & Sunday 28 July (from Mexico)

We are currently finalizing the logistics of this Safari but we expect that spots will fill fast when they become available!
To express interest in this workshop and/or to find out more, email Stay tuned for more details!