Self portrait by Ian James Hopkins

Self portrait by Ian James Hopkins

Former SPAO student Ian James Hopkins now works as a contemporary photographer in Toronto, focusing on people and portraiture both in his commercial and personal photography. He brings modern ideas while using traditional techniques to produce carefully crafted images—and he hasn’t forgotten where it all started.

“I remember the positive experience I had working with SPAO professors, students and staff to help further my photographic craft based on my ideas and direction,” says Hopkins. “These experiences have helped me stay focused on the path in photography that I follow today.”

“I gained the most knowledge from art history and the most technical knowledge from lighting class,” Hopkins adds. “Both really helped with my content and craft immensely.”

Hopkins concludes that SPAO is best described as “a self-guided discovery into one’s own photographic practice that’s 100% tailored to the students needs. Content is as important at SPAO as technical ability, creating photographers who can bring it intellectually and aesthetically.”