Photograph by Whitney Lewis-Smith

Photograph by Whitney Lewis-Smith


Michael co-founded The School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa in 2005 to create an intensive photographic experience for those seeking to hone their artistic skills.

Michael flourished as a photography student and graduated in 1989 near the top of his class. He was immediately recruited by a professional colour print lab, where he had opportunity to produce custom prints for both Yousuf and Malak Karsh. This and other experiences helped Michael develop a high-end fine art sensibility early in his career.

Soon thereafter, Michael ventured into a partnership to produce signature, fine art, archival black-and-white portraits. During this time he developed new techniques in print-making to enhance black-and-white photographs and increase their “presence.” The success of these techniques led to numerous prestigious commissions, including those from the Honourable Mitchell Sharp, Margaret Trudeau, and Roberta Bondar. Acquisitions of his work were made by the National Library and Archives, the National Arts Centre, and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Works are on public and permanent display at the National Arts Centre, and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. The Children’s Hospital collection has been published as a book entitled Hope.

Success as a portrait photographer led to two significant new directions in Michael’s career: the development of his teaching skills, and commercial photography incorporating elevated production values. Michael achieved a calibre of printmaking with digital tools that has normally only been associated with traditional techniques. Bridging this gap has allowed him to attract such significant clients as the Canada Council for the Arts, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Canadian Museum of Nature. His digital work has also been widely recognized, notably through receipt of the 2003 Canadian Applied Arts Award for his photograph of singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards.


Adrien Duey has over thirty years of experience as a fine art and advertising photographer, and an art director. His innovative style and approach have won him many national and international awards: New York ArtDirectors Awards, Toronto Art Directors Awards, National Magazine Awards,Applied Arts National Awards, Polaroid Transfer National Awards, and twice nominated for Juno Awards. Adrien applied his vision and design in the fields of people, still life, and food. He has produced campaigns for AirCanada, Bell, Johnson & Johnson, Bombardier, the Dairy Bureau, MontrealJazz Festival, and Molson. Adrien produced the images for the world's first interactive postage stamps in 1995 and continues to work on stamp projects. Raised on large format (the packaging for President's Choice was shot on 8"x10" film), Adrien has truly enjoyed the adventure of going digital. After owning and operating a studio in Montreal for years, he is now happily trekking around Ottawa - mostly out of the studio now. Adrien is working on his first book.


photograph by Jennifer Stewart

photograph by Jennifer Stewart


Whitney Lewis-Smith is an Ottawa based artist and photographer. Her nature morte work touches on themes relating to Mortality, the afterlife, and humanity’s connection with and impact on the natural world. It has been shown in various venues across Canada as well as internationally in Mexico City, Santiago Chile, and Madrid Spain (SUMMA Art Fair). Whitney’s work sits in prominent collections in Canada including the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire’s private collection, The City of Ottawa’s Public Art Collection, as well as in private collections internationally. She is represented by St Laurent + Hill Gallery. 




Jonathan Hobin is an award winning and internationally noted photo-based artist from Canada. Hobin’s work draws from iconic literary, cinematic and historical references and popular culture to explore the darker aspects of childhood, storytelling and politics. Considered a controversial figure and “one of Canada’s most polarizing visual artists” (CBC’s Q), Hobin’s work is exhibited internationally and has been the subject of lectures at a number of prestigious institutions including the National Photography Museum of Finland and Oxford University. Features on Hobin’s work have appeared in major media including CNN, BBC, CBC as well as art publications such as Beaux Arts (France), Art Das Kunstmagazin (Germany) and the Photographers Companion (China). Hobin was also the Canadian production designer for the first Slovenian/Canadian film coproduction, The Maiden Danced to Death (2010), collaboration with Academy Award-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond.