The SPAO Residency for Photographers and Photo-Based Artists: Application Form

The School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO) invites applications for the Artist Residency for Photographers and Photo-Based Artists. This extended photographic mentorship and residency is one of the most unique residencies of its kind. This residency is designed for visual artists who have previously completed formal training in visual arts and/or lens-based media and are ready to intensely focus on an aspect of their existing career or on a specific upcoming project. As a self-directed residency, artists are afforded the time and environment needed to research, experiment, and produce an on-going body of work as a professional working artist. Through an extensive residency, we provide the physical space and regular mentorship consultation designed to meet the individual needs of our participants.

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Please list below the name and address of up to three schools you have previously attended, including the dates of your attendance and if a degree/diploma/level was achieved (most recent achievements first).
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Do you wish to be considered for the Jason Michaels Memorial Bursary? This bursary is intended for Artists in Residence who express financial need.